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What is SQL?

SQL, often referred to as Structured Query Language, is a database computer language designed for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS), and originally based upon relational algebra.

The first incarnation of SQL appeared in 1974, when a group in IBM developed the first prototype of a relational database. The first commercial relational database was released by Relational Software (later becoming Oracle).

SQL is a standard language for accessing databases, and our SQL tutorials below will teach you how to use SQL to access and manipulate data in:

MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and other database systems.


SQL Tutorials

An Introduction to SQL

The WHERE and LIKE Clauses


Useful Statements in SQL

SQL Aggregate Functions


SQL Exam!


History of SQL

In the 1960's, database software required the use of complex mainframe machines that were difficult to maintain and run. Computer experts worked around the clock monitoring, updating, and manually uncorrupting these machines.

Each mainframe ran different software from different manufacturers. IBM pulled ahead in software development internationally with efforts of software aimed at database management but the problem was that each mainframe ran a different type of "language".

Enter SQL, the new standard for any database program: Structured Query Language. SQL bridged the barriers between mainframes and allowed large corporations to network their efforts. SQL was introduced in the 1970's and very quickly gained international popularity. This new language allowed a programmer to tell a program exactly what data to retrieve and how to display it.


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